Schneider Electric Sparks User Acceptance with Merged, Upgraded Microsoft Dynamics SL System

“We are happy with Tribridge as a partner,” says Moore. “They have good people who know the systems, and they have a good rapport with my team. They never waste our time like other partners have, and they put the right team in place from the start. Tribridge stepped up to the plate, and hung in there with us when we had to change the scope of the project. At the end of the day, we have a better solution than what we originally intended, so it’s all very positive,”
Amanda Moore
IT director, Services and Solutions for North America

Schneider Electric, founded nearly 180 years ago, continues its innovation and growth both organically, and through acquisition. Across its residential, business, and partner divisions and departments, Schneider uses a variety of different ERP solutions, including SAP, Oracle, BAAN, and more.

Two of its acquired business units, Schneider Electric Buildings America (SEBA), and Mission Critical Systems (MCS), had been separately using Microsoft Dynamics SL effectively for nearly a decade each. The two divisions are similar in that they both deal in project management and construction.

Learn how Schneider Electric solved for legacy software and security risks with Microsoft Dynamics SL to upgrade their solution and combine the licensing and support costs for savings and synergy.