Service Plan Helps Medical Supply Distributor Budget for Critical Compliance Software

"Every year at budget time, I get the same question: 'Are you sure that's all it costs?' and I say, 'That's all.' It's a great answer to have during a budget discussion."
Crystal Karlson
Operations Manager


Kawasumi Laboratories America (KLA) distributes medical supplies throughout North and South America from offices in Tampa, Florida.  KLA is the North and South American distributor for its parent company, a global manufacturer of disposable medical supplies based in Tokyo, Japan.

Business Situation

Kawasumi Laboratories, based in Tokyo, Japan, is a global manufacturer of disposable medical supplies, with factories in Japan and Thailand. The company’s U.S. subsidiary, Kawasumi Laboratories America (KLA), handles sales and distribution for all company products throughout North and South America from its offices and warehouse in Tampa, Florida. The company has a mission-critical requirement to comply with the strict regulations of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). KLA must track the lot numbers of all the medical supplies that it distributes. As a small branch of a larger company, KLA wanted to avoid using a business management system that required a large upfront capital expense or expensive upgrades. Several years ago, the company deployed Microsoft Dynamics® GP. Because KLA relies on its business management software to comply with crucial FDA requirements, supporting, maintaining, and training employees to use Microsoft Dynamics GP properly is critical for the company.

Business Benefits

  • Low, Predictable Software Costs
  • Affordable Solution Updates and Upgrades
  • Faster, More Effective Training