Shock Doctor Relies on Microsoft Dynamics GP as a Solid Foundation for Growth and Integration

"Team Shock Doctor is very pleased with our Tribridge partnership. In my experience, picking the right implementation partner for an ERP project is THE most critical decision."
Dennis Goetz


Shock Doctor prides itself in designing products that deliver Hardcare Protection and Fearless Performance. Shock Doctor, Inc has grown from being the undisputed leader in mouthguard technology to being the leading innovator in sports protection around the globe. Their belief in combining design and technology to achieve better protection and performance is trusted by athletes, from youth and amateur to professionals, in a growing number of products and sports. Shock Doctor’s patented products, innovations and technologies include ShockSkin™ protective base layer apparel, Performance Sports Therapy™, Ultra X-Fit™ advanced core protection apparel and the Gel Nano™ with Monocoque Shock Frame™ design and Super Tight Molded Gel-Fit™.

Business Situation

Shock Doctor has transformed and elevated the sporting and athletic goods industry with innovative sports protection and performance products. The company started with the development of mouthguards and quickly evolved into a global provider of a variety of sports products. As Shock Doctor added product lines and began to serve new markets, it was evident that their internal systems needed innovation as well. They were very limited by the type of accounting and reporting systems they had. Monthly financial reports became an almost entirely manual process, and they didn't have access to real-time data. Shock Doctor also had data in a variety of systems, few of which were connected. With so many disparate applications and manual processes, Shock Doctor could not sustain their growth without adding overhead.

Business Benefits

Shock Doctor needed a partner with consumer packaged goods industry experience and project management expertise to help design and implement an innovative solution. They were referred to Tribridge who conducted a thorough review of Shock Doctor’s business model, current systems and plans for growth. Microsoft Dynamics GP was recommended and selected for its flexibility, scalability, intuitive workflow and competitive total cost of ownership. Standard and custom data warehouse cubes were implemented to give Shock Doctor access to their data.