Staffing Service Coordinates Sales Activities, Utilizes Business Intelligence with CRM Solution

“We did extensive research beginning with the tools our employees were already using, then expanding the search to focus on scalable enterprise solutions.”
Steve Acterman
Director of Corporate IT


Volt Information Sciences, Inc. provides staffing services, telecommunications, and information solutions to Fortune 100 customers. The global company employs 5,000 worldwide.

Business Situation

The firm’s 5,000 employees represent a global workforce, operating out of the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, and South America. When it came to marketing and sales operations, the U.S. $2.3 billion-dollar-a-year company faced a number of challenges. Employees had adopted a heterogeneous mix of contact management solutions, relying upon the Microsoft® Office Outlook® messaging and collaboration client, ACT!, their Rolodexes, and spreadsheets to keep track of customer data. This led to the proliferation of customer data silos. With visibility into sales limited to the local office level, business units could not coordinate their efforts. For example, business units focused on placing engineering personnel could not always utilize the success of business units placing accounting personnel to penetrate the same account. Moreover, managers could not effectively collect and report customer-related data beyond their own office, nor were they using consistent terminology across offices.

Business Benefits

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 is designed to meet the needs of a multi-national company like Volt. It can support the firm’s diverse business units, allowing them to collaborate on Fortune 100 accounts and ensure executives have the global data they need to create reports that capture sales intelligence and lead to sound decisions.