The American Board of Veterinary Practitioners Moves from a Completely Manual Applicant Process to a Cloud Solution

"Operating in the Cloud was a good choice for us. We were able to spend more of our budget on tailoring our solution rather than purchasing equipment."
Marisa Hackemann
Executive Director


The ABVP advances the quality of veterinarian medicine through the certification of veterinarians who demonstrate excellence in species-oriented clinical practice. Founded in 1978, ABVP specialists, known as Diplomates, share a common desire and willingness to deliver superior, comprehensive, multi-disciplinary veterinary services to the public. Diplomates have demonstrated expertise in the broad range of clinical subjects relevant to their practice and display the ability to communicate medical observation and data in an organized and appropriate manner. ABVP's Diplomates have a strong desire to further advance their knowledge and education.

Business Situation

For certification, Diplomates have an extensive application process that involves case study submissions, references, application and fees. Each year, there are 65-75 new applicants along with 40 Diplomates who need to recertify. Recertification occurs every 10 years. There is a review committee for each applicant (new and recertifying) made up of current Diplomates and a Vice Chairperson who oversees each review committee. The process involves submitting multiple copies of the compiled information. ABVP’s Executive Director, Marisa Hackemann, would receive hundreds of FedEx boxes containing the required documentation for certification and recertification from applicants, and it would usually take three weeks to sort through everything. The process was entirely manual and time consuming.

Business Benefits

  • Shipping costs reduced to zero
  • Did not have to replace a 3/4 time employee
  • Significantly reduced manual tasks
  • Annual Fee invoices sent electronically
  • Drastic reduction in paper usage
  • Applicant process is faster
  • Complete visibility into the applicant process
  • Diplomates can maintain their own information