Trevecca Nazarene University and Tribridge Empower Employees

Trevecca Nazarene University is a private four-year, accredited liberal arts school. As the official university of the Church of the Nazarene in the southeastern United States, Trevecca provides a wide variety of educational programs at the undergraduate, masters and doctoral levels. Trevecca currently serves 1,878 enrolled students and has 72 full-time faculty members.

Trevecca needed better tracking and reporting tools for their employees. The Human Resources department manages benefits and payroll for a wide range of employees including salaried employees, tenured faculty, regular hourly employees, adjunct/per diem professors, and hourly student workers.

Because all time-cards and leave requests were processed from a card-punch time clock system and a form called the “Benefits Form”, Trevecca wanted to radically reduce the labor and paper-trail associated with manual processing. Bringing payroll processing in-house and adding human resources functionality was the first step in their implementation of Microsoft® Great Plains® and PowerCampus™, which would unite Trevecca’s financials and student account systems for seamless operations.


Trevecca implemented Microsoft Great Plains Payroll and Human Resources as well as TimeMatrix, a fully-integrated timeclock system. Tribridge met a rapid 3 week deadline for the implementation of Payroll and Human Resources to accommodate W-2 processing and to begin tracking by calendar year. One month after implementation, Trevecca decided to completely revamp their employee benefits and policies. Their new payroll and HR systems gave them the tools and flexibility they needed to make changes easily without missing a beat. “We have been very pleased with the implementation,” says Don Trotter, director of personnel for Trevecca Nazarene University. “The system has been very flexible and has allowed us to better serve our employees.”


Trevecca has realized many benefits from the addition of Payroll and Human Resources including: Simplified Processing: Payroll processing is down from a full day to less than an hour. The previous “Benefits Form” is gone. Time card and benefit requests no longer have to be routed from all departments and supervisors can easily approve requests in the TimeMatrix TimeLogger system. Time entry is on-line and ready to process, saving hours of valuable time and expensive filing space.

Simplified Financials: Previously creating and posting the payroll journal entry manually took three to four hours. Now, the entire process takes less than 5 minutes. Wages are automatically posted to the general ledger, creating a real-time accurate financial picture.

Better Time Management: Because the former time-clock system required a card to be punched, employees would have to return to the operations building where their cards were housed to clock-in and out. This process took precious time from a workforce that was scattered across multiple campus locations. TimeLogger stations are now included in specified buildings and at most computer terminals throughout campus. Employees utilize their magnetic id card to “swipe” in and out from anywhere on campus.

Employee Self-Service: Often employees did not know where they stood in terms of remaining vacation and sick time or how many hours they had worked over a period of time. Now, employees can access this information via any TimeLogger station or computer terminal, eliminating calls to the HR department.