Consumer Experience - Use Case Demo

Telehealth is changing the way that consumers find and experience care services without having to be physically with the caregiver. With modern technology and communication tools providing efficient access to the best evidence-based pathways and protocols, caregivers can have a bigger health impact on more people in more places than ever before.

These scenarios follow Alex, Janelle, and Bob.

Alex is diabetic and has noted some intermittent tingling in his feet. He is wondering if it could be related to his diabetes. He currently has no symptoms and feels well, but decides to call into the clinical contact center about this problem.

Janelle, who prides herself on her good health and regular exercise.  This morning, while out jogging she twisted her ankle. She iced it up right away. The pain is now only mild to moderate, but she is walking with a noticeable limp.  She calls into the medical call center for advice.

Bob had a heart attack 2 years ago and since then has had some occasional problems with heart failure. As part of his post-discharge follow-up program, nurses from the medical call center perform outbound phone calls and check on his well-being and adherence to a recommended diet.

Starting in a Contact Center dashboard in Health360’s Consumer Experience module, watch how a clinical contact center nurse provides helpful care advice at the right time for these patients
  • Duration: 00:21:09