ContentSphere Learning Experience Platform Overview

ContentSphere from Tribridge can personalize learning resources and content (based on what peers are learning, topics of interest, development needs, and career path). It brings together content from across your knowledge universe and beyond, including:

  • Content from your LMS
  • Knowledge that’s shared using collaboration tools
  • Information and data from enterprise software systems like HCM, ERP, or CRM systems
  • External assets from MOOCs, content providers, YouTube, and more

ContentSphere integrates into any system that helps organizations better capture all of the institutional knowledge formerly kept in different formats and locations. Knowledge is no longer hidden (or worse, lost) but available for sharing. It also integrates seamlessly with collaboration tools and platforms you already use, so collaborative and informal learning become a natural part of the system. Learners are free to share, personalize, and align their journey with your organization.

  • Duration: 1:43