5 Reasons Learning Needs to Think Like Marketing

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In our consumer driven world, employees expect a personalized learning experience, accessible 24x7 on any device.  And it’s all possible with today’s technology.  But learning organizations often struggle with options and flexibility in how content is delivered and consumed, in addition to harnessing meaningful metrics from learning that occurs outside of the LMS.  The ability to personalize content is one of the top 3 requirements for companies looking for new learning technology, and is among the top 10 reasons organizations replace their current technology.

Join Mike Rustici, President of Watershed LRS, Skip Marshall, CTO of Tribridge HCM and Michael Rochelle, Chief Strategy Officer at Brandon Hall Group, as they discuss 5 ways learning executives can leverage the lessons learned by marketing departments over the last few years. 

During this webinar, listeners will:

  • Explore practical applications of today’s new technology solutions that allow learners to interact with learning outside the confines of the LMS
  • Learn how to leverage those lessons learned to engage talent and deliver better business results
  • Discover marketing best practices and how they apply to learning
  • Understand the link between learning and performance
  • Delve into enhanced reporting and analytics for modern content with xAPI
  • Duration: 01:02:45