Are Your Sales & Marketing Processes Costing You Deals?

With information just a click away, today’s B2B buyers are turning the traditional engagement process on its ear – causing a fundamental shift in the way companies engage with prospects. Buyers now expect information at their fingertips and have increasingly high expectations of service providers. This dynamic environment demands that sales and marketing teams work more closely together – aligning strategies, processes and technology to accommodate this change in buying behaviors.

Gathering from over 20 years of direct selling and sales leadership experience, speaker Mark Stuyt will lead a thought-provoking conversation into how this shift to a buyer’s market is radically altering customer acquisition strategies. During this webcast, you will hear how companies are creating synergy between sales and marketing, implementing new sales/marketing processes and embracing technology - such as CRM systems and marketing automation - that help meet the increasing demands of B2B buyers. Viewers will walk away with actionable insights that will help them adjust go-to-market strategies, enhance lead conversion and improve close rates through improved processes and technologies.