Avoid the Flash Dance: Planning for the End of Flash-Based Content

Similar to when two people divorce, the signs of a long and previously good technical pairing coming to an end are often apparent to everyone before the actual news breaks. So the recent buzz about most of the major browsers developing exit plans from supporting Adobe Flash leaves many in the content world surprised it took this long.

Many who create online learning have been avoiding any use of Flash for years, and websites that are set up for viewing on mobile devices have dropped its usage as well. But what about:

  • Training content created in older versions of authoring tools?
  • Content specifically intended for desktop or laptop viewing?
  • Other custom content that is either fully or partially reliant on Flash?

When browsers get to the point where they simply will not play Flash, those courses will no longer work. If you have any content that includes Flash, you must begin planning for the transition.

During this webinar, Jason Miller, Content Services Manager at Tribridge, will walk you through four options for ensuring that your Flash-based content can still be used.

Download the full webinar slides >>

  • Duration: 00:42:57