Building Personal Dashboards to Drive the User Experience in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Are you or your team frustrated with having to click through too many screens in CRM to get to the information you need? 

Not every user needs the same CRM data at their fingertips. Dashboards are the steering wheel to drive user experience within CRM, however the existing system dashboards may not cater to your specific needs.

Join us for a live educational webinar that will explore creating and using personal dashboards to gather and mine all the data important to your role in a single screen.


During this educational webinar, you will discover how to: 

  • Access dashboards
  • Create new personal dashboards
  • Copy existing system dashboards
  • Modify dashboard layouts
  • Add charts & list views to dashboards
  • Make your dashboards dynamic by using view and chart selectors
  • Share dashboards with other users or teams
  • Use dashboards and charts to drill into and analyze your data
  • Build personal charts
  • Duration: 56:14