CRM Power User Series - Get More Out of Your CRM in 2015 With Tribridge Adoption Essentials

As 2014 comes to a close and you are finalizing plans for next year, join us to learn how you can utilize Tribridge Adoption Essentials to get more out of your CRM in 2015 and beyond.

Our objective is to help you move from a technology and task-based model to a more emphasized focus on the user and customer experience, so you can truly see return on your CRM investment. Adoption Essentials is our unique subscription offering which was developed to help you and your team have the best CRM experience possible. 

Webinar Details


Attend this webinar and discover how you can gain access to these adoption resources:

  • Engage with Tribridge 4 times a year for strategic adoption consulting
  • Connect to the Tribridge Web Portal directly from your CRM system
  • Access to on-demand training for new and recurrent users
  • Boost productivity and user engagement with the Tribridge Adoption Apps
  • Tribridge monitored social collaboration set-up specifically for your organization

In addition, we will give you a SNEAK PEEK at what is coming with the new 2015 release of CRM.

We invite all attendees to take advantage of a FREE 1 Hour Strategic CRM Adoption Consulting Session 

  • Duration: 49:39