SharePoint Power User Series: Discover the Next Generation of Document Automation for SharePoint

Are you spending way too much time and effort customizing and generating documents for clients such as sales proposals and contracts, company presentations or financial and analyst reports?

If so, view this webcast when we will introduce you the only document automation product in the market that is actually embedded into SharePoint as a feature. No connectors and no integration required. Part of the Tribridge Business Solutions Framework and powered by Qorus, DocGeneration automatically customizes and generates documents in seconds by merging document templates with approved data stored in SharePoint, CRM and other enterprise systems.

During this session you will learn how DocGeneration can help you:

  • Generate documents faster- reduce time, effort and cost of performing document-centric processes
  • Improve compliance and governance through the re-use of approved SharePoint content
  • Personalize and customize highly complex documents
  • Increase efficiency and accuracy
  • Reduce user errors and effort by merging data from core systems in documents

Typical business use cases include sales proposals, legal contracts, group policies, employee or customer welcome kits, and financial reports.  Watch to see how this single solution will quickly accomplish these high-end, on-demand document generation needs for your entire organization.

  • Duration: 50:20