Enterprise Risk Management: Managing the Risk of Use of Force

Given the broad spectrum of risks associated with managing state and local governments of all sizes, most would agree that the risks that they face have grown exponentially in the past decade. The risks that Law Enforcement in particular face that have been brought to light in just the past few years has put these organizations under a microscope. From internal laws and policies to the rise of social media which can ignite controversy in an instant, organizations must not only prepare for the worst but also take corrective action to cure known deficiencies. It’s time to go on the offense.

Instead of focusing simply on crisis plans that can potentially mitigate outcomes but do little to prevent the crisis from occurring, leaders and managers need a comprehensive view of their exposure across an organization.

The core problem with taking the approach of managing crises vice managing risk is the aspect of culpability and accountability for outcomes including damages, injury and even death. Does an incident result in someone being fired or charged for criminal activity? How do preventable incidents or accidents affect victims or property loss on all who are involved?

Join Tribridge and the National Sheriff’s Association for a live webinar as we discuss:

  • Managing the risk associated with Use of Force
  • Using case management oriented tools to bring together the required components of culture, process, policy and compliance
  • Proactive vs. reactive solutions for managing and mitigating all identified risk factors within the organization
  • Using business intelligence and analytics to predict trends and aggregate data

Learn how your organization can identify, assess, and act to mitigate risk, allowing you to meet health and welfare goals using proven, integrated technologies.

  • Duration: 53:23