Extend the Power of CRM to Accelerate Your Sales Processes

If your organization has made an investment in Microsoft solutions and needs to improve the quality of pitches, proposals and RFP documents, Qorus Breeze Proposals will provide a competitive advantage.

Do any of these pains sound familiar to you?

  • Cut and paste from content and data results in errors
  • Multiple versions of documents create content chaos
  • Lack of control over content and messaging results in inconsistency and confusion

To solve these challenges, Tribridge has partnered with Qorus to provide a solution that works as a true extension of your CRM system that will accelerate sales and business development processes. During this webinar, you will discover how Qorus Breeze Proposals can integrate with your existing Microsoft technology investments, make your team more efficient and improve proposal quality.


During this webcast, you will discover:

  • How automation technology can speed up the sales process
  • How you can empower your sales team to generate superb pitches, presentations and proposals – using marketing-approved content
  • How integrating with CRM eliminates the risk of copying & pasting / finding & replacing crucial personalized information
  • How a ‘shopping cart’ interface can enable users to select specific relevant content sections to include
  • How your team can benefit from accessing all sales content via an easy-to-search repository rather than spread across multiple desktops
  • How you can do all of this in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, CRM and SharePoint
  • Duration: 00:52:10