Get On Board Align Sales Marketing to Achieve CRM Adoption Success

When organizations deploy a new CRM system, they do so with the best of intentions. Unfortunately, recent studies show that over half the time CRM projects fail to meet expectations. Organizations often rush to implement a new system, and launch before ALL their teams are on board.

Ultimately, organizations benefit most from CRM systems when all customer-facing and service teams adopt the tool. But that’s no easy task. So where to begin? Start with Sales and Marketing. Aligning these teams using real-time, actionable data is the most powerful way to feed your sales pipeline and show ROI for your CRM strategy.

Join us next week to learn how to increase adoption and steer the ship with tools to keep your CRM journey on course. 


Attendees will learn:

  • What causes low user adoption in CRM
  • Steps to solve adoption problems 
  •  Ways marketing system integration drives adoption at a business, functional and user level
  • Strategic tools that can increase CRM user adoption
  • Tips on how to get your sales and marketing teams aligned
  • Duration: 48:14