Harness the Power of Advanced Finds in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015

At some point in your use of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you will inevitably need to find information that isn't available in an existing CRM view. Join CRM veteran Jackie Heineman of Tribridge for a live educational webcast that will explore the range of ways to use the Advanced Find tool to display, mine, edit, and share data from your CRM system. Specific topics will include:

  • How to access Advanced Find
  • The difference between System Views and Personal views
  • How to create a new Advanced Find
  • How to use an existing View in Advanced Find
  • How to edit/add columns and use filters and sorting in the Advanced Find view
  • How to save an Advanced Find query as a new CRM View
  • How to Share/assign a saved View to other users
  • How to export an Advanced Find query to Excel
  • How to export/edit Advanced Find FetchXML (if time permits)

The CRM Educational Series, presented by Tribridge, features product-focused educational content for CRM users.

  • Duration: 1:00:32