How to Leverage the Cloud in Your 2015 Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans

As much as we'd like to think bad things won't happen to us, disasters do strike.  According to the Association of Records Managers and Administration, about 60% of businesses that experience a major disaster such as a fire, close within two years. Having a plan in place can help save you from becoming another statistic. Fortunately, our technology has advanced and we no longer have to rely on restoring data from backup as our only solution.  

Today, cloud solutions like Microsoft Windows Azure give us the building blocks to craft a DR or BC solution that enable businesses to bounce back faster. Going beyond safeguarding data to enabling businesses to migrate their workloads ahead of known upcoming threats (like named storms) or shortly after unforeseeable situations.


As you are finalizing budgets and plans for 2015, take just 30 minutes to join us and discover how you can: 

  • Leverage the cloud and Windows Azure to safeguard your data
  • Enable your business to recover faster by utilizing the cloud as a warm stand-by data center
  • Better prioritize workloads to target
  • Determine the right time to move to the cloud
  • Migrate legacy systems to cloud workloads
  • Duration: 19:09