Improve Data Hygiene for Dynamics GP Using the Professional Services Tools Library

Tribridge is partnering with to provide an exclusive training event for Dynamics GP users. Whether you are preparing for an upgrade, or trying to clean up the data in your GP environment, the Professional Services Tools Library (PSTL) is a great tool that can be used for a multitude of tasks. Watch this webinar as we review and demonstrate the PSTL features including:

  • Account Modifier/Combiner - Changing single or several general ledger account number(s) into new account numbers.  Merging open and historical data from two account numbers into one general ledger account number
  • Vendor Combiner - Combining a current vendor ID with another existing vendor ID (duplication of vendors)
  • Receivables Transaction Un-apply - Un-apply payments, credit memos or returns
  • Item Number Combiner - Merging two items numbers that were setup for the same item and both existing items have transaction history
  • Item Number Modifier - Changing an existing item number to a new item number
  • Fixed Asset Modifier - Changing an asset ID to a new Asset ID
  • Duration: 1:02