Key Drivers to Improving Performance, Customer Satisfaction and Profitability in Professional Services Organizations

Competing in today's service-based economy means having a ferocious focus on continuous performance improvement to meet and exceed escalating customer expectations. Improving performance while increasing revenue sources is a challenge that demands alignment of what you do, how you do it and what is measured. 

Wouldn't it be great if your firm associates were 75% utilized and you delivered 85% of your projects on-time? Join a panel of leading Professional Services experts for a webinar as they explore how alignment of key processes, enablement of employees and optimization with integrated technology, can accelerate performance in Professional Services organizations and help you reach your goals.

We Will Cover:

  • Value of aligning strategy, process and technology across the organization
  • Key self-evaluation questions
  • Tips and tools to improve organizational alignment and efficiency to positively impact your bottom line

By Attending You Will Learn:

  • Key metrics to determine your organizational performance level compared to other leading professional services organizations (PSO)
  • Best practices to improve organizational performance through stronger alignment of people, processes and technology
  • How  industry-leading Professional Services Automation (PSA) solutions can improve utilization, on-time delivery and EBITDA
  • Duration: 47:16