Life After ERP Implementation - Tips for Maximizing the Return on Your Dynamics ERP Investment

When embarking on the journey that is business transformation, everything is going to be better when the "new system" is least that is the hope.  More often than not, there's that small list of technical or operational goals that aren't quite living up to the hope: an integration that didn't make the implemented phase, for example. While every organization has the ability to be smarter tomorrow then they were yesterday, we must make sure the transformation doesn't feel like Groundhog Day. 

During our session we will discuss and review the measurements and metrics that Microsoft Dynamics ERP customers should put in place before, during and after an implementation project. We will examine the keys to continuing improvement after implementation, including real-life examples of how companies are having success. Questions explored during this session will include:

  • Have you realized the planned ROI from the transformation, both operationally and technologically?
  • Are your business processes the same today as they were before?
  • Have you set up your business to focus on core competencies?
  • How are you measuring customer profitability related to their experience?
  • Are there performance improvement initiatives aligned with business strategy?
  • Which KPIs are operating to quantify and maintain gains?
  • Duration: 55:22