Marketing Automation – Your Strategy for Revenue Growth

As a sales and marketing leader you often ask yourself, how do I drive revenue, do more with limited resources and demonstrate how marketing adds value to the organization? Contrary to popular belief, and as the name would suggest, marketing automation isn’t only about automating current processes. View this webcast as we delve into the benefits of marketing automation.

The key benefits include:

  • Improving efficiency – do things you never dreamed were possible, without increasing the size of your team
  • Getting better results – increase the sophistication of your campaigns so they align with your customers buying process
  • Measuring results – demonstrate marketing value, and focus on activities that drive revenue
  • Providing sales insight – arming your sales force with more information about customers and prospects before they make contact

The bridge between sales and marketing is formed by joining forces with the same goal in mind – revenue. During this recorded webcast your Tribridge and Marketo team will reveal how to reap these rewards by creating a partnership between your CRM system and a marketing automation tool.

  • Duration: 55:42