Moving Beyond Views in CRM with Business Intelligence and Analytics

Views in CRM can provide an easy-to-use tool to quickly see relevant information using a variety of criteria; however it can’t deliver ALL of the analytics needed to run your business effectively. When you utilize BI&A with Microsoft Dynamics CRM you benefit from increased visibility into sales and powerful insights on contacts, so forecasts are more accurate and you can deliver the best customer experience possible.

Join us to learn how BI&A can help you pull the value out of your CRM data!

During this webinar, you will discover:  

  • Essential elements of BI&A for CRM, including specific measures to help you present analyses in a meaningful format to management 
  • Drivers of good dashboard and visualization design, including what to measure and how to produce information without it becoming overwhelming 
  • How to bridge the gap between data and visualizations, and tips to accessing your data to build compelling, actionable dashboards that drive adoption  
  • Advice on how to implement BI&A to super-charge your Dynamics CRM solution
  • Duration: 1:03