Personalizing Care Experiences: Telehealth in a Value-Based World

Comprehensive telehealth can enhance care by delivering virtual medical, health, and education services. It has changed the way consumers find and experience care services through modern technology and communication tools. Consumers want valuable information and convenient help, regardless of their location or need. With efficient access to the best evidence-based pathways and protocols, caregivers can make bigger health impacts on more people — and in more places — than ever before.

This webcast will delve deeper into the benefits of telehealth to the personalization of the consumer experience. As healthcare providers seek more standardized technology platforms and applications to enhance and measure that experience, hear industry experts share example scenarios for inbound and outbound environments.

During this webinar, you will learn:

  • An overview of current trends and demands in consumer health engagement
  • How telehealth can improve the patient and provider experience and help improve outcomes
  • Best practices for telehealth and remote / virtual care
  • Duration: 54:25