Risk Management: The New Frontier

Protecting the health and welfare of employees is a top priority for state and local government, and reducing risk is a critical internal priority. But how do you assess, measure and quantify these risks?

The answer lies in Enterprise Risk management (ERM). ERM brings value to agencies by using a strategic approach to risk management. Leaders can see the “big picture” of their most serious exposures and make informed decisions about how to deploy resources to lessen risks that threaten successes. 

Join Governing for a live webinar as we discuss:

  • Solutions to provide real-time access to cases and incidents
  • Technology that automates processes, reduces data entry, and facilitates compliance
  • Best practices to improve service delivery to the public
  • Ways to save time for first responders and streamline incident tracking

Learn how your organization can mitigate risks, provide a safer workplace and meet health and welfare goals using technology!

Mark Long, Captain (ret.), Orange County Sheriff's Department
Chris Wilson, Business Development Manager, Tribridge
Andy Pitman, Government Solutions, Microsoft

Moderated by Camille Cates Barnett, Senior Fellow, GOVERNING

  • Duration: 57:18