Streamline Your Claims Management Process

Claims-processing can be a labor-intensive exercise often requiring highly-trained staff.  This model rarely scales well, and is fraught with the risk of inconsistent claim treatment.Tribridge offers a highly-configurable claims-management solution to help claim analysts quickly determine the “pay-ability” of claims against a defined set of rules.

During this webcast we will show how the Tribridge Claim Management solution, powered by Tribridge Foundation.NET and Tribridge Concerto, enables organizations to:

Reduce training time
•Increase claim-processing efficiency
•Achieve greater consistency in the treatment of processed claims
•Scale to meet your current and future growth

Watch this webinar to determine if the Tribridge Claim Management solution can help your business, or simply see how Tribridge can build a core business application to help you “leapfrog” your competition!

  • Duration: 34:43