The Key to Healthcare Talent Management Success: Retention or Recruiting?

There is no doubt we’re in a talent quandary – there aren’t enough qualified people to fill the hiring void, and this is especially true in the healthcare industry. In a recent Bersin by Deloitte study, the healthcare industry’s spend on talent acquisition rose 16%, which was the highest increase in any industry. Worse, the healthcare industry was experiencing the highest new hire turnover, with a 17% rate.

During this webinar, Tom Tonkin, Ph.D., Principal Consultant, Thought-Leadership and Advisory Services for Cornerstone OnDemand, and Skip Marshall, CTO of Tribridge HCM, will discuss the benefits of having a retention strategy that places employee engagement in the center, alleviating the strain on recruiting.

Our webinar will address its positive use in acquiring, retaining, and organically growing top talent, and developing both the depth and breadth of some of your more critical skills. Our speakers will also offer some practical ideas for implementing a sound engagement strategy.

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  • Duration: 58:36