Understanding the Complexities of SaaS Revenue Recognition Management

The complexities of SaaS revenue recognition – and the importance of getting it right every time – leave no margin for error. Join Jeffrey Werner, Silicon Valley revenue recognition expert and lecturer, as he covers revenue recognition and compliance issues related to the current business model for marketing software services and applications.

Learn about current developments in accounting for revenue in SaaS and cloud computing business arrangements, as well as actionable strategies and approaches you can take away without leaving your desk. Topics to be covered include:

  • The SaaS/cloud computing business model
  • SaaS accounting – Is it services or software?
  • SaaS with set-up services
  • SaaS subscriptions
  • Contract modifications and cancellations
  • SaaS multiple-element arrangements
  • The potential impact of the new revenue recognition standard on SaaS accounting

We'll also discuss key technology solutions that can help automate and optimize the financial processes associated with revenue recognition and complex contractual relationships.

By watching this Webcast you will:

  • Learn how to determine if an arrangement is for SaaS services or software licenses;
  • Understand and find out how to apply revenue accounting for SaaS services and software licenses;
  • Understand revenue accounting for set-up services and costs;
  • Find out how to apply SaaS revenue accounting for multiple-element arrangements with other services, products or software licenses; and
  • Learn how to account for contract modifications and cancellations.
  • Duration: 57:15