Webinar: Five Reasons to Use a Value-Added Partner for Your Cloud ERP Migration

Many CFOs are moving to upgrade and migrate their ERP systems to the cloud for a multitude of reasons, including functionality, user experience, cost, automatic updates, security, access, and others. Many of these CFOs are also engaging value-added partners to help guide their decision making, oversee implementation, and provide an independent, expert point of view on how to realize the most value from a cloud ERP migration.

During this Webcast, expert panelists will discuss the key contributions that value-added partners bring to cloud ERP migration, focusing on best practices in:

  • Supporting a business decision to migrate to cloud ERP
  • Structuring vendor consideration and selection
  • Guiding implementation and project management
  • Informing configuration decisions, including industry-specific factors
  • Managing interactions with the partner, technology vendor, and cloud provider
  • Understanding and preparing for future upgrades
  • Duration: 58:30