Webinar | Implementing ASC 606 / IFRS 15, Revenue from Contracts with Customers

New research from Deloitte shows that more than 70% of companies are unprepared to implement the ASC 606 new accounting rules. Are you one of them?

By now, you've probably seen a walk-through of the basic 5 steps required under ASC 606. But now you're digging into the execution of these requirements, and have more detailed questions, or need further clarification.

During this webinar, Deborah Jefferson, Senior Industry Leader for Revenue Recognition with Tribridge, will share insights gained from her experiences planning for ASC 606 implementation in a billion-dollar company, as well as perspectives from working closely with external auditors during this process. Please join us as Deborah walks you through the most common challenges in adjusting your systems for ASC 606, including:

  • Determining what might cause a contract to need to be combined with another contract
  • Accounting for the transaction price containing variable consideration
  • Deciding whether a maintenance contract should be separated into several performance obligations
  • Determining stand-alone selling price
  • Handling contract modification calculations
  • Separating billing and accounting for bundles
  • Duration: 42:58