The employees have spoken: Despite tough times they love their workplaces.

They are the St. Petersburg Times' Top Places to Work 2010.

How did the winners create a work culture that succeeds in these tough economic times? How did they ensure that they got 100 percent from their employees? How did they keep them motivated, challenged and happy?

The findings: Tough times cement loyalty. Leadership matters. Respect and fairness are valued. And a fulfilling work life starts with a baseline of good pay and benefits, but to make this list, companies also had to convey a sense of direction -- employees had to believe in the company's mission.

What you'll find in these pages is a blueprint for success -- for small businesses looking for an edge, for workers looking for a better job, for busy managers struggling to focus on what really matters, for executives pulling their companies out of the Great Recession.

The list is also about resilience, as several of the companies had to lay people off and cut pay, but they still created a workplace that their employees believed in.

To make the list, employers had to agree to have their employees fill out a survey. Our partner, Workplace Dynamics, gathered 16,797 responses and scored them on a number of factors. Only the 60 with the top scores made the cut.

Congratulations to them all.