Tribridge has experienced great success by building solutions that fi t its customers’ needs. A three-time winner of the Outstanding Reseller of the Year award from Microsoft Dynamics, Tribridge is also one of the three Master VARs in the United States and has built a successful cloud practice over the last year. The Partner Channel sat down with Tony DiBenedetto, CEO, and Steve Terp, chief sales officer, to catch up on their recent successes and plans for the next year.

The Partner Channel (TPC): You’re fresh off your win as Outstanding Reseller of the Year for the third time. What does that mean for your team?
Tony DiBenedetto (TD): Although we have more than 400 employees across the country, we’re a very tight company and have a culture where people feel part of one team. Our team wants to win and be the best at what they do, and having a third party like Microsoft tell us that we’re the best at Microsoft Dynamics means a lot to us. It also fits our customer-centric strategy, as part of winning the award is determined by feedback from customers. This reflects our value proposition and raises the bar for our team because when we engage with a customer and tell them we’ve won three times in five years, you can’t have a good team. You have to have a great team. Winning this award gives us big shoes to fill, but we’ve been in them before.

TPC: What was it like to hear your name called?
Steve Terp (ST):
It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve won, when you see your company’s name on the screen, it’s like the first time. It means a lot, regardless of your expectations.
TD: Right. It also makes you feel really good about the quality of people within the Partner community. Partners we compete with congratulated us, and the awards ceremony makes you realize it’s about the people.

TPC: You are one of the three Master VARs in the US. What’s the last year been like with the program?
It’s been great getting to know other companies and seeing all the talents and skills in the Partner channel. One of the benefits of the program is that we’re able to fill niches for customers with other Partners. We didn’t get into this program to gather as many affiliates as possible; rather, we wanted to find Partners with whom we can be mutually successful.

TPC: Where do you see yourselves going with the program in its second year?
I think people initially saw this program as an alternative as rules changed around Microsoft’s Partner strategy. Now we’re looking at it more strategically, helping smaller VARs get greater visibility and IP out there, and helping them offer services that they don’t have today. I see the program gaining more traction now that people are settled into the marketplace and know what we can achieve together.

TPC: How can ISVs best work with Tribridge and your Master VAR affiliates?
There’s value to both ISVs and customers becoming more aware of what’s out there in the marketplace, and we’ve put some programs in place to connect the two groups. We’re also continually developing repeatable solutions for customers and figuring out how we can leverage our expertise with that of ISVs. If we work well together, we can accomplish that goal together.

TPC: If there’s an ISV reading this that wants to get more involved with those solutions, what should they do?
Raise their hand and send us an email (Info@ We host webinars and events for customers across the country to help educate them on the Microsoft-based solutions available in the market.

TPC: You’re coming off a great year on the Microsoft fiscal calendar. What’s up for this year?
We recently launched Concerto PSA, a solution for professional services providers, and have more solutions planned for the healthcare industry and state correctional institutions, two other areas where we have good experience.

In calendar year 2013, we’ll continue to expand our reach with the Master VAR program as well as develop new solutions and ideas to help our more than 3,500 customers be more successful with their businesses. With the economy getting better, I think we’ll see an even stronger 12 to 18 months.

We’re also hearing more and more about the cloud from our customers. Adoption into our Concerto Cloud Services has been very strong. ERP adoption is different than CRM or SharePoint due to the nature of information stored in the cloud, but customers like the flexibility to preserve capital and scale up or down, as well as being able to trust that a firm such as ours can support their implementation.

TPC: What do you like most about the Microsoft Dynamics Partner community?
We’ve been working with small and midsize businesses for the last 14 years, and Microsoft makes it easy to provide technology that’s affordable and fits the needs of those customers. Also, we’ve experienced many changes in a short amount of time within the Partner community: Y2K, 9/11, and a recession. We partner with competitors a lot, and it’s been nice that people collaborate and help each other.

I like that Microsoft has more than Microsoft Dynamics, and that we’re able to create a complete solution for our customers with the addition of SharePoint and infrastructure technology. A customer doesn’t have to maintain 15 relationships; there can be one solution, and we can be the Partner that helps with all of their needs.
ST: In addition, there’s been so much change in what’s offered in the marketplace and being with Microsoft, the strongest company in the world, is a big advantage. It’s nice to be backed by the best in the business.