Tribridge Introduces Population Health Technology

Technology services firm Tribridge, headquartered in Tampa, has released a new cloud-based system called Care Coordination for health care providers. Care Coordination is a patient-centric population health management solution designed to help Accountable Care Organizations coordinate care outside of their physical facilities.

Damon Auer, the Tribridge vice president overseeing Care Coordination, discussed the system.

TBBJ: How does Care Coordination impact employers’ spending on health care?

Auer: Proactive employers can take a more active role in the health and wellness, and even primary care, of their employee populations by purchasing on-site or near-site primary care services from a “corporate clinic” supplier that acts as the medical home and care coordinator for their employees. Systems like Tribridge Care Coordination are enabling these corporate clinic suppliers to engage with customer employee populations in a very personalized and proactive way – reducing the volume of expensive acute care.

TBBJ: What’s in it for physician/health care practices and insurers? Could it impact reimbursements or payments?

Auer: Physician compensation is changing from a strictly volume-based pay model to one that incorporates “pay for value” incentives and penalties. Value will be measured on the impact that provider organizations have on the health and wellness of a patient population. Care providers are financially incentivized to worry about the health of patients outside their facilities. New tools for remote patient engagement and communication and collaborative care are required. Care Coordination enables providers to meet these new challenges while making best use of data in electronic medical records systems.