Mesa County Criminal Justice Service Department Implements Tribridge Offender360

Solution Helps Case Managers Develop Supervision Plans That Address Criminogenic Risk Factors and Employment, Treatment and Transitional Needs

TAMPA, Fla. – (May 13, 2015) – Mesa County Criminal Justice Services Department (CJSD), which offers monitoring, program and treatment services to criminal justice agencies, local communities, victims and others impacted by offenders in Mesa County Colorado, has implemented Tribridge Offender360 to manage its clients. Offender360 provides correctional and other public safety institutions with a scalable, cost-effective solution for managing offenders from intake to release.

“We’ve made a commitment to Mesa County to deliver effective, innovative, dynamic and fiscally responsible management practices,” said Matthew Sullivan, division director for Mesa County Criminal Justice Department. "Offender360 is designed for systems like ours, and it’s making life easier for our case managers, who now have real-time access to client data, and it’s improving the effectiveness of the many programs that we provide to clients."

Tribridge Offender360 provides CJSD case managers with a central hub where they can access updated client reports and other offender data critical to managing their care. Department personnel can quickly evaluate treatment programming, track outcome measures, including completion rates, recidivism studies and employment history, and coordinate continuation of care. This better prepares offenders for transition back into their communities and reduces the risk of future criminal behavior.

“Like many state and local institutions, Mesa Country CJSD is under increasing scrutiny to provide tax payer-funded services more cost-effectively,” said Josh Jaquish, vice president, Public Sector at Tribridge. “Technology solutions such as Tribridge Offender360 are the path forward for many corrections departments nationwide, offering cost-effective solutions that dramatically improve offender management and lead to better outcomes community-wide.”

About Tribridge Offender360

Tribridge Offender360 provides correctional and other public safety institutions with a scalable, cost-effective tool for managing offenders from intake to release. Built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, it offers three modules to focus on different areas of corrections management:  Offender Management, Facilities Management and Community Corrections Management. Functionality includes sentence and time accounting; offender demographics; security threat group tracking; visitation scheduling; drug testing scheduling; recidivism reduction and management; and housing and bed assignment.