Weld County Justice Services Now Using Tribridge Pretrial360 to Manage Defendants

Solution helps department handle pretrial management more effectively and efficiently

TAMPA, Fla. – (Sept. 24, 2015) – Weld County Justice Services Department, which manages pretrial services and community correctional programs for the third-largest county in Colorado, is now using Tribridge Pretrial360 to manage its pretrial defendants. Pretrial360 enables users to easily and securely share defendant information for more efficient and cost-effective pretrial management.

Pretrial360 integrates and streamlines various sources of information on defendants so that stakeholders can make more informed decisions at each phase in the pretrial process, from the first point of arrest through adjudication.  

“Our disjointed assessment tool was coming to end-of-life, and we knew that neighboring Mesa County was having success with its Tribridge solution,” said Doug Erler, director of Weld County Justice Services. “Pretrial360 is able to aggregate and analyze large, disparate sets of data, and a county of our size needs a solution that is robust and scalable.”

Among the modules Weld County now uses is Risk Assessment, which is helping the program move from a resource-based to a risk-based bail decision-making process. The way jurisdictions manage pretrial incarceration has a profound impact on recidivism rates and the use of county resources. Many jurisdictions rely on bond schedules, and this means numerous low-risk defendants are incarcerated simply because they cannot afford bail. In these cases, Weld County incurs unnecessary costs and there is an increased risk of recidivism for the defendant.

“Shifting from a resource-based to a risk-based decision-making process is beneficial to local justice interests in many ways,” said Josh Jaquish, vice president, Public Sector at Tribridge. “Weld County is making strides towards that shift by implementing Pretrial360, and this will mean greater efficiencies for the county and, ideally, evidence-based outcomes for defendants.”

About Tribridge Pretrial360

Tribridge Pretrial360 is a set of solutions to help agencies deal with pretrial management more effectively. Built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Pretrial360 has three distinct modules to focus on different areas of Pretrial Management: Defendant Management, Supervision Case Management and Risk Assessments. The modules are integrated by design and come with built-in functionality for the flexibility of a custom-built solution. Pretrial 360 is also available via the cloud: a low monthly subscription fee allows quick deployment in a CJIS-compliant environment. To learn more, visithttp://www.tribridge.com/solutions/industry-solutions/tribridge-pretrial360.