Healthcare Providers Say Population Health Management is Key to Rapid CRM Adoption

In KLAS report, Tribridge Health360 is the only solution selected solely for its population health management functionality

TAMPA – (Jan. 6, 2016) – “Healthcare CRM 2015: From Acquiring Patients to Managing Health,” a recently released KLAS report, suggests that healthcare providers are poised for faster CRM adoption, and the driver may be increasing demand for population health management (PHM) capabilities. One provider interviewed for the report selected its solution solely on the basis of its strong PHM functionality – that solution was Tribridge Health360.

“The report confirms that CRM adoption in healthcare continues to increase moderately, but clearly we’re poised for acceleration,” said Damon Auer, vice president, Tribridge’s Healthcare practice. “And it's equally clear that population health management is key to driving that growth as providers are feeling an urgency to shift to a value-based model, a fact that we considered when we made PHM functionality central to our Health360 solution.”

The KLAS report suggests that many providers still see CRM solutions as marketing tools and may not fully understand how it can help them fulfill population health needs. But, the report says, “The link between marketing and population health is a strong one. Both involve discovery of a target group of patients and then communication efforts to encourage certain behaviors.”

The report further suggests that most CRM platforms lack the more robust predictive utilization models and other complex analysis tools required for true PHM. About Tribridge Health360, however, the report authors refer to “native population health capabilities,” pointing to remarks from providers that, “Tribridge has the capacity and willingness to help customize their CRM solution to better meet specific needs for PHM and marketing.”

One respondent singled out Tribridge for its PHM capabilities. The Tribridge Health360 customer said that, “After engaging with Tribridge, we saw that they really seemed to understand the population health philosophy that we had. We are not into fee for service; we are more focused on population health management. So our philosophies meshed well.”

“Microsoft's Dynamics CRM platform is an excellent fit for Tribridge Health360, with its ease-of-use and flexibility to configure solutions to meet the needs of various healthcare organizations,” said Tracy Picon, director of Industry Market Development for U.S. Dynamics Healthcare at Microsoft. “We look forward to growing with Health360 as healthcare providers continue to adopt CRM solutions for population health management.”

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