Business Consulting

Delivering meaningful and measurable business value

  • Drive high-impact performance improvement initiatives
  • Align the right business process improvements with the right technologies
  • Bridge the gap between executive vision, strategy and effective solution delivery
  • Identify and implement integrated solutions

Our senior practitioners offer deep industry and functional expertise to help our clients identify opportunities for optimization. We plan and deliver performance improvement initiatives through practical methodologies and intimate customer relationships.

At Tribridge, we work alongside your team to understand your current capabilities and roadmap a path to transform your business in these four vital areas.

Operational Excellence (OpX)

Increase profits by optimizing business process efficiency & effectiveness. Design improved operating processes to streamline product and information flow, reduce overhead and improve cash flow. Our solutions align end-to-end processes, rationalize vendor relationships and deploy automation and information systems to increase product and cash velocity and improve management information and controls.

  • Manufacturing & Supply Chain
  • Finance Function
  • Operations Insights & Analytics

Business Transformation

Achieve transformation benefits faster. Create and execute plans to accomplish complex organizational change and reduce risk. Facilitate effective, lasting change by mobilizing and focusing people to own the change process. We work with your team to manage organization dynamics while implementing structural, process and technology changes to achieve your transformation goals and achieve targeted synergies.

  • Transformation Roadmapping
  • Program Management
  • Organizational Change Management
  • Merger & Acquisition Integration

Customer Experience (CX)

Increase customer satisfaction and retention. Design improved customer experiences by understanding customer needs and optimizing customer interactions across touchpoints. Our solutions align business processes, employee experience as well as technology and user experience with the desired customer experience.

  • Developing Customer Strategies
  • Optimizing Contact Center Operations
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Customer Insights & Analytics

IT Excellence (ITx)

Reduce risk. Define strategic initiatives that increase the value of technology investments. Align IT processes and investments with business strategies. Streamline and focus IT operations.

  • IT Strategy
  • Interim Management
  • Post Implementation Review

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