Business Intelligence & Analytics

Organizations today are generating and collecting data at a frenetic rate. This data is valuable, but typically only used for historical, point-in-time reporting. It is generally not used for monitoring the business in real-time and making corrections as needed, or for systematically identifying the most probable business outcomes based on trends and leading indicators in the data. This process can be likened to trying to drive a car by only looking in the rear-view mirror.

Successful organizations are looking for better ways to grow their business and improve profitability through the use of this data. They look not only to the past, and what has historically happened, but also at the present. These organizations examine current real-time business and operational activity across all aspects of their business using the most appropriate KPIs and metrics, actionable dashboards, and platforms to aid in data visualization, exploration and analysis. They also use this data to look to the future, to forecast outcomes using predictive analytics and models, and then to shape those outcomes by applying prescriptive analytics to the business.

BI & A Solutions

Tribridge has assisted thousands of public and private sector organizations solve their daily business challenges and leverage their technology investments to achieve big-picture, strategic goals. In working with these customers, we have identified areas of need and built ERP-based solutions that solve specific issues within a market or industry. From Revenue Recognition for High-Tech Software companies to Contract Management solutions for SaaS solution firms to allowing distributors to move orders faster, our team of experts has built Microsoft-based solutions that truly make a difference.

Tribridge has been delivering technology solutions for more than 18 years, and during this time, has been continually helping customers get more value out of their data. Our experienced team provides services to assist customers with their journey to an increasingly mature and robust business intelligence & analytics (BI & A) environment. We do this by focusing on several core disciplines inherent to BI & A, including:

  • Data Management
  • Data Platform
  • Business Analytics
  • Corporate Performance Management
  • Advanced Analytics

Services that we provide include:

  • Business Intelligence & Analytics Assessment and Roadmap
  • Standard, Configurable KPIs, Dashboards and Analytics for your specific industry
  • Descriptive and Diagnostic Analytics to provide business instrumentation tailored to your business initiatives
  • Integrated Analytics solutions, providing real-time scoring for Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics for your business workloads

Why Tribridge?

Expertise to Deliver Proven Solutions

Our business and software consultants, project managers and deployment specialists utilize proven design and implementation methodologies to successfully customize and seamlessly integrate your ERP solution with other business systems and applications. As a full-service partner, we manage the complete customer lifecycle, including multiple support options and a variety of programs, events and resources designed to optimize your technology investments.

Industry Knowledge

Tribridge has helped customers with business intelligence & analytics solutions across a wide range of industries including distribution, financial services, healthcare, media & entertainment, professional services, public sector, healthcare manufacturing and retail.

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More Solutions to Complement BI & A

We offer many more solutions to complement our custom BI & A integrations. Let our experts provide a custom built suite of solutions to help your organization grow.