Hybrid Cloud

The Cloud that Connects the Data

We recognize that your organization relies on a variety of applications and systems to manage operations. Your cloud strategy should support and connect that data in a way that delivers maximum flexibility, efficiency and business benefits. At Tribridge, we put the power of choice in your hands. We offer a holistic, customized approach to application deployment and infrastructure architecture by combining public, private and on-premise solutions into a seamless hybrid cloud platform.

Cloud adoption is growing at a rapid rate, whether organizations seek to replace on-premise legacy solutions or leverage new SaaS-based applications for specific lines of business. But the result is often a disjointed landscape of multiple clouds and on-premise systems. The value proposition of the cloud can quickly become diminished by an overburdened IT infrastructure. Our team specializes in helping you select, deploy and connect applications into a platform that makes sense for your business – and gives you ultimate control over your cloud strategy.

How Our Hybrid Cloud Works for Your Business

Our best-of-breed approach to the cloud combines private, public and on-premise:

  • Private cloud – Powered by Concerto Cloud Services, our fully managed private cloud is ideal for mission-critical applications that contain sensitive data, require regulatory compliance and need security down to the application layer. We recommend private cloud for production environments, high-impact and regulated data, customized solutions that are sensitive to automatic upgrades and those that have complex workloads.
  • Public cloud – Offering the ultimate in flexibility and cost-savings, a public cloud is ideal for applications with less stringent needs. Public clouds can be used for demo environments, test and development environments, web front-end development, disaster recovery and applications with low-impact data that will not be impacted by automatic upgrades.
  • Integration Services – We understand that some organizations wish to manage their solutions on-premise. Our team works within the parameters of your existing infrastructure to connect cloud-based applications to those residing on-premise to deliver a truly hybrid environment.

Why Tribridge?

Gartner estimates that hybrid cloud adoption will near 50% by 2017. Tribridge is at the forefront of the cloud services space and is dedicated to helping your organization develop a strategy that leverages the best of public and private cloud solutions. Our team specializes in complex integrations that seamlessly connect all of your applications – across the cloud and on-premise – without sacrificing the environment or cost-savings. We apply our years of application, systems and IT infrastructure expertise to that latest innovations in cloud technologies and deployment options to deliver a truly innovative hybrid cloud.

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