Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition

Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition is designed for companies with advanced financial, ERP, CRM, insights and analytics needs. Dynamics 365 merges CRM and ERP capabilities into a single offering with purpose-built applications that work together seamlessly in the cloud to help manage specific business functions based on what you need. Each application is an asset to your organization and solves real world problems. By combining applications on a cloud-first platform, you can create a customized solution with the power to transform your business. The Enterprise Edition provides functionality beyond Dynamics AX7 or CRM Online. Dynamics 365 offers the ability to have both, coupled with Power BI and Cortana Intelligence built-in, and integrates deeply with Office 365 to revolutionize the way organizations work and grow.

Dynamics 365 Enterprise Applications

These purpose-built applications are designed to be easily deployed. This means you can start small with just the apps you want and pay only for what you need. As you grow, you can adjust your requirements and add apps to run your entire business.

Finance & Operations

Formerly known as AX7, Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations is a SaaS solution that packages ERP functionality on an intelligent user interface that seamlessly connects with other Dynamics 365 applications as well as Office 365 to deliver an optimal experience. This application is comprised of complete ERP tools to provide global scalability and digital intelligence, allowing your organization to grow at your own pace.


Formerly known as CRM Online, this application will help your company bring digital intelligence into each deal to predict customer needs and provide personal attention that builds relationships and revenue. Dynamics 365 for Sales is built on Microsoft Cloud and seamlessly integrates with other Dynamics 365 applications. Provide the right tools for your sales team to stop spending time on repeatable processes and help them focus on more complex, engaged and high revenue sales.

Customer Service

Dynamics 365 for Customer Service allows you to respond quickly to customer and market changes within an agile, cloud based environment that has digital intelligence built in. Empower your agents with complete information - in a single customer service software app - to make smart decisions and provide great service. The Customer Service application helps you meet your customers where they are with the information they need. Demands are constantly evolving and this application is meant to help your team meet the demands of your customers. This can be deployed independently or integrated in the other Dynamics 365 applications.


Project Service

Newly developed by Microsoft, Dynamics 365 of Project Service provides an end-to-end solution that helps sales and delivery teams engage customers and deliver billable projects on time and within budget. Utilize this application to manage projects using tasks, resources, roles and time tracking. This tool is for any organization that wants to track projects or engagements in Dynamics 365 for Sales (formerly Dynamics CRM).

Field Service

This application is targeted at service organizations that need to track resources and schedule work with customers to deliver billable projects on time and within budget. This application allows you to go one step further by taking action on the project details such as dispatching identified resources. This can be extended to work with Project Service Automation to create a solution for any organization regardless of industry.


The preferred marketing application for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition is Adobe Marketing Cloud. This application provides a comprehensive marketing service you can use to create powerful customer experiences by creating campaigns that are personalized, contextual and content-rich to maximize your customer's loyalty and lifetime value - not to mention the ability to measure ROI across the board.


Need help deciding if Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the right choice for you? Already own a Microsoft Dynamics solution and curious about your path to Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Need help deciding if Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the right choice for you? Already own a Microsoft Dynamics solution and curious about your path to Microsoft Dynamics 365?

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