CRM Adoption Essentials

User Adoption - More Important Now Than Ever

Recent evidence shows that the speed of CRM deployments is often given priority over usability and value to users, causing adoption to suffer after the sizzle of the “implementation” is over. It is our goal at Tribridge to help you solve the adoption puzzle.

The lack of adoption of CRM systems can often prevent companies from getting a complete view of a customer across its touch points – much less ever implementing programs built toward maximizing the customer experience. Our objective is to help you move from a technology and task-based model to a more emphasized focus on the user and customer experience, so you can truly see return on your CRM investment.

User Experience = CRM Success

Adoption Essentials is our unique subscription offering developed to help you and your team have the best CRM experience possible. Let us help you set up and assess your progress against your adoption goals. This ongoing and measurable program includes:

  • Integrated Productivity Portal
  • Adoption Essentials Apps & Dashboards
  • Strategic Quarterly Consulting
  • Social Collaboration
  • Contextual Training
  • On Demand Training

All of the above can be accessed directly from your personal Dynamics CRM application on any device. In addition, we will also provide subscribers quarterly strategic adoption consulting.

Adoption Essentials Program Details

With the click of the mouse you and your team will have access to these online adoption resources:

  • Adoption Apps and Add-On Solutions:
    Access to Adoption Apps such as CRM Rewards, Proximity Search and many more. Apps designed with your users in mind. Built to drive productivity and user experience.
  • Goals & Adoption Acceleration Labs:
    Strategic quarterly adoption labs built around your solution goals with your CRM Success Manager.
  • Collaborate:
    Tribridge monitored social collaboration set up specifically for your organization - to crowd source answers among your power users and your partner, Tribridge.
  • Tribridge Tutor:
    Contextual training with Tribridge Tutor enables end-user adoption and proficient use of your key software systems with the easiest, most cost-effective electronic performance support platform for any application.
  • OnDemand Training:
    A library of recorded online training on topics to help you better understand and use your CRM system.
  • Technical Support:
    Create technical cases and get help when you need it from Tribridge’s award winning customer experience team.

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