$99 per user per month

Dynamics CRM + Adoption Essentials = Success

Already on Microsoft Dynamics ERP?

Tribridge can help you extract more value from the investment that you have already made in Microsoft infrastructure by getting the right information in front of your customer-facing people. Allow your sales team to see key accounting information for each customer without having to access your Dynamics ERP system or consume a license.

Take advantage of our exclusive offer to get you up and running on Microsoft Dynamics CRM with unlimited support in just 30 days – and ensure success with our unique Tribridge Adoption Essentials solution for CRM.

What is Tribridge Adoption Essentials for CRM?

We know that 50% of CRM project fail due to poor user adoption, which is why we developed CRM Adoption Essentials to help you and your team have the best CRM experience possible. This service is normally sold separately from Microsoft Dynamics CRM, but we have included Adoption Essentials in this offering. Adoption Essentials provides you with an Adoption Coach, Adoptions Labs, Unlimited Support and much more. Watch our 2-minute video to see more about what is included to ensure you are not only getting Dynamics CRM, but succeeding with Dynamics CRM.

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Considering Microsoft Dynamics CRM? What’s Holding You Back?

Too Costly Upfront

Instead of making a heavy initial investment, we will get you up and running on Dynamics CRM in just 30 days for $99 per user/per month. This INCLUDES the software and implementation.

Difficult to Implement

With a fixed scope and guaranteed time to implementation, we are dedicated to getting you up and running in 30 days. You will have online services and Go Live support provided to ensure a successful and swift implementation. This offer starts you off with the essential features of Dynamics CRM and we will help you layer in more advanced features during your journey. Tribridge will be there for you every step of the way to ensure you have what you need out of your CRM system.