Adoption Essentials for ERP

Unrealistic expectations, extensive training, sacrificed results. If any of these phrases remind you of your post-implementation ERP solution, you’re not alone. Many organizations struggle to recognize a return on their significant ERP investment. In the weeks and sometimes months leading up to an ERP deployment, companies invest valuable time and resources, working hard to procure and implement a business critical system. But what happens in the days after? Your business continues to scale and evolve, just with a new software system in place, while your ERP solution stays stuck in a Day One state.

Adoption Essentials for ERP is our unique subscription offering developed to help you and your team have the best ERP experience possible. Let us help you set-up and asses your progress against your goals and move beyond Day One to fully utilize your ERP system.

This ongoing and measurable program includes:

  • Unlimited ERP Application Support
  • Customer Adoption Labs
  • Customized ERP Training Sessions
  • Customer Improvement Request Site
  • Cloud/Infrastructure optimization of you application

Adoption Essentials for ERP Program Details

Unlimited Application Support:

Dedicated ERP Support Desk consultants are available to answer unlimited “break/fix” and “how do I do something” questions. One-hour response time service level agreement guarantees requests are received and assigned to expert resources quickly, allowing you to get back to work quickly and to remain productive.

Adoption Labs:

Adoption Labs provide the opportunity to analyze your business processes, currently implemented software and your business goals with your Tribridge Adoption Essentials Team. This analysis will occur through a series of sessions designed to identify action steps, timelines and potential training.

ERP Training:

Training sessions given by your Adoption Essentials Team tailored to your business processes and end-user needs. These training sessions will provide your end-users with the tools to maximize efficiency and knowledge of the ERP System

Improvement Request Site:

Users now have the ability to submit requests to your Improvement Requests site. Located on your Tribridge Mindshare page, requests for additional functionality, training materials and customizations may be submitted and reviewed by your Tribridge Adoption Essentials Team.

Cloud/Infrastructure Optimization:

The Tribridge team will use system analysis tools alongside your team to evaluate Database and Client environments to ensure your systems function efficiently and are able to support continued business operations.

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