Tribridge Healthcare for NetSuite

Tribridge Healthcare for NetSuite

Healthcare providers have complex requirements when it comes to the management of revenue cycles, supply chain, payroll and human resources. Dependence on the skills of physicians, clinicians, nurses and other professionals to meet around-the-clock needs of patients requires streamlined administration and clear visibility across the organization.

Tribridge Healthcare for NetSuite offers a solution that delivers comprehensive financial management, materials management, EMR integration, as well as helps you achieve HIPAA compliance. One modern cloud platform can streamline operations so that organizations can better adapt to constantly changing regulations, and enhance the overall quality of care.

Why Tribridge?

Financial Management

Financial management for healthcare plays a key role in helping providers achieve collaborative health. Our fully integrated and highly extensible financial and business management solution provides the tools and infrastructure healthcare organizations need to transform the way they record, track and access critical business information, from financials, human resources and materials management to statistical data from EMRs.

EMR Integration

With numerous systems installed in a provider environment, it is critical that they interface with one another for optimal integration and reporting. EMR Connectors from Tribridge provide bi-directional Patient Accounting Interfaces between the EMR billing system and NetSuite to share master files and revenue files, and generate patient refunds and supply usage files. EMR Connectors offer functionality for items such as inbound general journal entries representing the financial effects of patient accounting activities in the EMR system, inbound vendors associated with patient refunds, and inbound PM vouchers representing the amount to be refunded to a given vendor or patient. All available transactional data is integrated into batches within NetSuite for approval and subsequent posting.

Materials Management

Today’s growing list of healthcare suppliers, demands for HIPAA compliance, receivables management inefficiencies and rising supply costs require a powerful information system that streamlines the entire supply chain. Our Materials Management solution enables healthcare organizations to reduce costs by maintaining optimal inventory levels, reducing overstock and wastage of expiry-dated items. The solution offers powerful automation through requisition management, efficient procurement, fulfillment processes, PAR management and purchasing cycles. Healthcare organizations not only reduce the time spent on purchasing activities, but can track, report and account for supplies across multiple locations/facilities in a centralized company database. The solution also tracks UDI information and print validated labels for item tracking.

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