Human Capital Management (HCM)

The Spark to Align Your Talent with Your Business

Need to do more with your Learning Management (LMS) or talent management system? You can. You simply need to seek out different sources of innovation for your platform. Think Think iPhone. These are amazing platforms that depend on great third-party innovation to expand their value to meet unique user needs.

The bottom line is this: You’ve probably been looking for innovation in learning or talent management technology in all the wrong places.

Where Your Platform Stops, Tribridge Innovation Begins

Maximize your LMS and talent management experience:

  • Engage our certified experts to put you comfortably in command of your platform
  • Enrich your content to engage employees and make every learning interaction count
  • Enhance your Cornerstone OnDemand experience with AmplifyHRSM to deliver great experiences, put your data to work and integrate additional third-party applications without worry

Why Tribridge?

Expertise to Deliver Proven Solutions

We get it. Today’s talent and learning technology presents both exciting and daunting challenges for organizations. We work with you to tap into the new world of innovation and navigate existing legacy system constraints. Our experts, partners and customers fuel an ecosystem of new ideas that result in technology-enabled solutions and services that deliver the results you need now and into the future.

Industry Knowledge

Our HCM consulting team has held roles as HR and learning executives in a wide array of organizations and industries. They understand the challenges faced by today's talent management organizations, and have the skills to customize complex technologies for your specific needs.

Whether you need help with your implementation, ongoing systems management or making the most of your learning content, Tribridge experts help you improve the ROI of your LMS or talent management platform and align it with your entire business strategy.

Innovation that Moves You

Our innovative solutions and services are proven to help enterprises:

  • Improve system optimization and end-user adoption
  • Achieve learning and performance objectives
  • Focus internal resources on strategic business initiatives

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