Apps & Integrations

Make Cornerstone Your Own

Much of today’s learning—in fact, 90 percent—happens away from formal training and outside of the learning system.

Organizations are challenged with:

  • Providing access to content in a couple of clicks, as learners would find on Google or YouTube
  • Getting learning resources on any device and at any time, when and where they need it most
  • Developing an interface that is intuitive and doesn’t require time to figure it all out
  • Creating an overall experience that brings the most relevant and pertinent information front and center

Tribridge enhances the value of Cornerstone to your organization by seamlessly integrating it with other systems and apps so that users can:

  • Answer their questions fast
  • Access quick-reference material
  • Make connections to peers and mentors
  • Explore new and updated content

Integration of third-party systems increases user adoption and drives greater success by creating a seamless user experience.

Integrate Without Worry

  • Enable continuous learning across your entire organization with anytime, anywhere access and advanced content capabilities.
  • Leverage the power of Tribridge for everything from tracking continuing professional development to logging attendance in classes using QR and bar codes.
  • Provide a seamless, engaging user experience by integrating third-party applications—Claro, GoToTraining, iLinc, and more.

Make It Yours - For Great Cornerstone Power

Our Apps and Integration Services feature plug-and-play apps to help you do more with Cornerstone—much, much more. The ability to integrate Cornerstone with third-party solutions such as Claro, Citrix Online products, Evernote, and DocuSign improves user productivity and eliminates the time and hassle of moving back and forth between applications.

Attendance Integration Module

Attendance Integration App (AIM)

Take attendance or let learners sign in during instructor-led or informal training using a QR code, bar code, or magnetic strip card.

GoToTraining Integration Module

GoToTraining App

Seamlessly integrate GoToTraining to allow learners to access sessions easily and efficiently, directly from your company’s Cornerstone system.

iLinc Integration Module

iLinc App

Seamlessly integrate iLinc to allow learners to access sessions easily and efficiently, directly from your company’s Cornerstone system.

Claro Integration Module

Claro App

Automate and streamline publishing directly from Claro to Cornerstone, and integrate and sync content after it’s been published in Claro.

Pandexio icon

Pandexio App

Enable employees to capture and share knowledge as they consume content in their workflow, at the time and place of knowledge formation with Pandexio’s Smartsnips, and turn your social network into a content creation machine.

Tribridge can help you do more with Cornerstone in the ways that matter most to you. Choose what you need, when you need it. Each integration solution is delivered with the same quality of service and service-level agreement as with Cornerstone. Any product updates are timed simultaneously with Cornerstone releases.

Need to integrate an app that’s not listed? Tribridge has worked with thousands of clients to integrate their data into Cornerstone; just Contact Us to hear more about how we can help.