Content Samples

These custom content samples are designed to showcase various approaches to eLearning modules, including topical training/systems training, linear/non-linear, straight information/case study, and traditional menus/customized menus. You'll also see a variety of stylized layouts that match an array of client needs. Please contact us with any questions, or to discuss how Tribridge can help achieve your content dreams.

Content Primer

Our content primer covers all the aspects of the custom content process at Tribridge, including roles, process, tools, and levels of effort. This course is a great example of a non-linear course progression. Explore this course both as a sample of solid eLearning approach, and to learn more about about Tribridge's approach.


Sample Course

This sample stylized course uses the subject of Tampa architecture to show how our team of instructional designers can envision and implement a very specific and stylized look-and-feel to pull core content from various sources into a unified course.


Case Study Sample #1

Our sample case study showcases a treatment that transforms core content into a case study and allows the user to interact with character choices.


Case Study Sample #2

Our variable sample showcases how we can use status variables to create a dynamic main page that acts as the menu for various case studies or chapters of content. This is more advanced than the case-study sample because the menu page changes as you progress through the content.


System Training

The system training demo is an example of how Tribridge can document the “how to” of a system for easy user training.


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