Give your learners a single experience where they can easily access knowledge from any source, as well as view it, add to it and share it anywhere.

ContentSphere Puts Learners in Control

ContentSphere gives learners a place to access a wealth of learning content, from multiple sources, anywhere they need it.

ContentSphere from Tribridge unlocks the power of unlimited learning. We create a single place where learners can easily find knowledge from any source — your LMS, scholarly articles, news sources, videos, and so much more and access it, add to it and share it anywhere.

ContentSphere flips the paradigm on learning. Learners are no longer second-class citizens in the learning ecosystem. Now, learners drive their learning with a solution that’s built with them in mind. Think of ContentSphere as your command center for all of the different parts and pieces that make up a learner's experience today:

  • Your learning management system (LMS)
  • Your learning content providers
  • Collaboration tools and platforms you already use like Sharepoint and Yammer
  • Content resources from outside of the organization like TED talks, YouTube, and Khan Academy
  • Other places where you don’t even know your learners are going to learn

Now, with a world of learning at their fingertips, learners can have virtually limitless resources and more in a single platform. ContentSphere is a game changer, giving learners the personalized experience (and control) they have become accustomed to as part of today’s consumer driven technology.

Much as a person would organize, rate, and share music or movies, ContentSphere gives learners the power to keep their learning organized, share it with their colleagues, create playlists, and drive learning beyond what any single learning department can provide.

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ContentSphere is Different (And That’s a Good Thing)

ContentSphere breaks down the many barriers preventing learners from making the most of their development opportunities. ContentSphere uniquely brings together all of the components needed to deliver learning in a single source. No other provider delivers all of ContentSphere’s benefits under one solution.

Learning without Boundaries

Office, home, travel, coffee shop – there’s no one place or device where everyone learns. We get it. ContentSphere gives people access to learning from anywhere, so they can curate the content they need to succeed and share it with anyone, putting them in control of their own learning environment.

Meaningful Integration

Sure, we can integrate your LMS and content providers. But let’s think big – Collaboration, productivity and social tools put more at your learner’s fingertips. And now’s the time to start thinking about integration to corporate systems like ERP and CRM – all possible with ContentSphere. It’s about putting information at the center of every integration — and at the center of the learning experience.

Real Personalization

Personalization isn’t your name inserted into a web page. It’s content served up intelligently and learning picking up from where you left off. Don’t you wish learning was served up like your favorite app? Wish no more.

Easy to Use

Wondering why you aren’t getting traction with your LMS? Maybe it’s difficult to use and hard for learners to find what they need. With ContentSphere’s intuitive and customizable interface, learners are off and running in no time.

Easy to Search

Do you have thousands of content titles and learning objects no one uses? What if you applied Google-like search capabilities to your learning content? Searchable, easy to find content – now there’s an idea!

Leveraging the Power of Insights

What if you could pinpoint the moment when the “Tipping Point” happened and what the key drivers were? What if you could actually correlate learning experiences to employee performance? ContentSphere leverages the power of advanced insight technology from Watershed , and gives you a new vision that will propel you into the new world of learning.

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It’s Time to Put the Learner at the Center of Learning

The corporate learning status quo is not sustainable. It’s the biggest open secret in the learning and development community. Why is this? Unfortunately, one prevailing issue has been holding an entire industry back.

For the past few decades, organizations focused on what works best for them: content meeting their needs and the technology to manage it all. Though this has been great for organizations, the needs of the learner have taken a back seat.

ContentSphere Partners


Watershed provides a customizable learning analytics platform that measures training effectiveness and helps maximize investments in learning. Made possible by a technology called the Experience API (a.k.a., Tin Can API), Watershed enables users to explore all their learning data in one place and measure how L&D programs are impacting their organizations.

As a learning experience platform that supports xAPI, ContentSphere partners with Watershed to provide a modern learning ecosystem for enterprises.

Watershed has experience working with clients such as VISA, Google, Yum! Brands, and Bridgestone, just to name a few. To learn more, visit


Smartsnips are social, mobile objects that are 50X smaller and more relevant than whole pieces of curated content (which are too much information to filter, manage, and synthesize). Smartsnips provide relief from information overload and memorization, enabling employees to work directly with each other's actionable insights, thereby leveraging the expertise of their peers to solve business problems just when it matters most.

We have partnered with Pandexio to integrate Smartsnips® – the leading insight curationTM solution – seamlessly into ContentSphere. Now, employees can easily curate insights from content as they read, think and learn.

Learn more about insight curationTM on ContentSphere with Smartsnips®at or by watching a quick video.


HapYak is the world-leading interactive video platform, providing an intuitive web-based method for Organizations to simplify and deepen the way they engage people through video.

The HapYak platform can be seamlessly integrated into ContentSphere. Users will have the ability to upload videos, add questions, chapters, annotations and calls to action as synchronized overlays on top of their training videos as well as publish the interactive video. All user viewing behavior, clicks, questions and other interactions are recorded inside of ContentSphere and integrated into reports.