Now, customers in highly-regulated industries such as legal, finance, and healthcare can seamlessly integrate their continuing education tracking with their LMS, eliminating duplicate processes and simplifying reporting.

With CPD, learning administrators can automate continuing education (CE) tracking via a solution designed to handle myriad requirements and intricate rules—giving them confidence and their professionals visibility into progress and completion.

CPD bridges the gap between the Cornerstone LMS and continuing education tracking—enhancing customers’ primary platform investments and allowing them to organize and natively track courses from Cornerstone.

Deliver Training, Track Certification And Membership Progress

  • Track users based on any kind of demographic or personal data.
  • Track when a user completes actions on every learning object.
  • Store user elements in default or custom fields in Cornerstone.
  • Populate data through feeds or direct manual updates.
  • Gauge progress toward certifications or membership completion based on training taken to date.

Manage Centrally - By Jurisdiction, Subject Matter, Etc.

  • Create rules by nation, state, province, or certification authority
  • Create rules based on user data or learning-object data.
  • Allow nearly unlimited types of learning achievements.
  • Define or customize learning objects to meet your needs.
  • Set accreditation of learning objects, including third-party accreditation.
  • Define rules for broader general requirements.
  • Define—in general and for specific users—time periods in which learning must be completed.

Integrate With Cornerstone - See It All At A Glance

  • Enter learning objects from Cornerstone.
  • Track objects based on various data points.
  • See all training applicable to each user’s certification or membership.

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